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Recorded in Los Angeles, CA.


released September 6, 2012

Music & Lyrics by Stephen Jones

Mastered by Filip Pietrzykowski at Red Mastering Studio, London

Cover Photo by Jessica Harwood





Stephen & the Strangers Los Angeles, California

Stephen and the Strangers is the solo project of bass player and songwriter Stephen Jones, recording his music in Los Angeles, CA. Jones grew up playing punk and alternative music with his brothers in Oceanside, CA.

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Track Name: You Know Me (I'm Something Good)
It's something good
When you can't hear nothing but
A heavy breath and the sound from my lips:
Your sugar left, but now he's back at your fingertips
It's something good
That in my bed at night
I couldn't stop thinking of you
Your sugar's back and he knows just what do

We met once in a dream
While I was out of your scene
Things may not be what they seem
But you know me

It's something good
That this feels so new to you
My voice is gruff but my touch is the same
Your sugar left, so pretend you don't know his name
It's something good
That in my bed at night
No other girl would do besides you
Your sugar's back because he didn't quite think it through

So you don't remember things
Or who I used to be
You can make sure if you please
But you know me

It's something good
That your heart jumped right away
But then a question crossed over your face
Your sugar left, but now who's here in his place
Trust in me
You gotta know a man can change
But go on, make sure like any girl would
Your sugar left, yes, but I swear I'm something good
Track Name: I Rule the Sheets
There's humor still in what we think
We're hot inside where we are pink
I say what's real and you don't blink

I'll learn to dance just like James Brown
We'll cut a rug when I'm in town
You lift off the ground so don't look down

I rule the sheets beneath your head
I love the things that make you red
I work three jobs to keep us fed
I must not be so good, then

I drive you nuts you drive me mad
You make me scared, but just a tad
And I just want you to think I'm bad

A tiny space between our toes
The smell of you stuffed up my nose
There's sweat and silence in the throes
Track Name: Weekend Fixtures
Tudor women always bring me down
What a waste of hygiene
Save me from the memories of my weakened ego
Those Tudor women will eat me alive

My helpless feet always drag me to town
One little taste of the high life
Save me from the memories of that endless summer

Travelling on
And passing by
Oh, what was it
With weekend fixtures?

Old woman, what do you want from me
One more chance at the good life?
I'll save you from the memories of your weakened mind
Those Tudor women will eat you alive

Life has been one big Strauss waltz
But what comes next when that dance is done?
Save me from the memories of that endless summer

What could it be
And where did she go?
Oh, what was it
With weekend fixtures?
Track Name: (The Blues Means) Born to Lose
A woman leaves and a woman comes in
When the last one left I was glad she did
She left a moment before I lost my mind
No big-legged woman's worth that much time

My daughter held me, I tried to sleep
I nodded off when finally she speaks
"You've got to remember, dad, I know that you know
Did mama ever say what she felt before she go?"

I lost a friend he fell on hard times
Ain't no beggar in town even had one dime
They walked fifty miles to talk to the man
He said, "Don't misbehave and look happy when you can."

Clear your throat then lower your voice
Speaking up's just a matter of choice
Leave your job, leave your town,
Throw out your shoes and crawl on the ground

I left my dog and my daughter at home
I went off to find anywhere I roam
I never once met a lady who sings the blues
I guess God never made a woman that's born to lose

I'm stuck on an isle with cowboys and thieves
I piss in grass and I sleep in the leaves
Sometimes I think I'm the only one that's sane
I'll leave one day, but they'll bring me back just the same

I drive a truck with a crane and a noose
I've got a cousin she's Catholic and loose
Sometimes I just can't tell what it all means
But I know they've got more in common than it seems

I drove a bus for a couple of weeks
And I lost the patterns of regular speech
And my bones themselves began to fall weak
I took the money and I bought my grave
I thought I had a few hours to save
But I fell right down, right there I lay
Track Name: Let Me In
There's a buck left in my hand
And I'm betting it all
Is it too late because I heard last call?
I been waiting, for so long, waiting.
Let me in

I'm at a dead end, and I lost the time.
I feel broken, so broken.
My hands are rough and scarred, and I don't remember the last time when you let me in

It's been a long time since I gave a thought
To the things I lost and the things I still got
I been a bad man, but that doesn't mean
That you turn away a begging man in need
And I'm begging please
I'm begging
Let me in
Track Name: We're All Alone
Tuesday's fine
At daycare, we've been so good
And you know it
Wasting time
Some blocks are all we need to have fun
Let's just stop kissing now
Did you notice it's still?
Where did our parents go?

We're all alone

Bright young minds
We can make it through this
And you know it
There'll be some sign
To tell us that it's safe to come out
And they'll take us right up
And they'll hold us so tight
And not leave again

We're all alone
Track Name: Waits
Keep it simple, on and on
Waiting for the end
Wait for Elsa because she wants it, too
If you only knew what we went through

Last night, you got rejected
Things got too hectic
She hates me, but I made her laugh
And I like her ass
A first kiss, and a slap in the face
And a stab in the back
Harassment! Oh, I've got to stop
But she's still on top

Drink this; you'll feel much better
Oh, I'm such a liar
She's crazy, and you're crazy for her
I'm sorry I took her from you
She wants you, and you want her, too
Don't let her pass through you
I hate this! My love is still gone
I'll wait on and on for her